Sex Bots The New Generation

by smarktJanuary 27, 20170 comments

Since the beginning of time man has for all intents and purpose ensconced himself in the pursuit of women for sexual pleasure, as time has worn on both men and women have found other means of gaining sexual pleasures, namely their own digits.

Inventiveness has taken both sexes to new heights of pleasure, for women the “Dildo”, for men “Dutch Wives”.

In years gone by dildos were used in marital parades in which a phallus would be crowned with a wreath of flowers by a maiden, ancient wealthy Asian men whom had an abundance of wives would provide their wives with dildos to satisfy their sexual desires so as to deter them from engaging in lesbian relationships, the list of uses for dildos in ancient times is vast and varied.

Whilst the wide spread use of dildos among women has grown over the years, largely due to the onslaught of feminism, so has the sex toy industry for men.

It is thought the first male sex toy was designed by dutch sailors, whilst at sea for many months at

time would pleasure themselves by binding pillows and clothing to get in the shape of a doll and then have sex with their mannequins, in time they came to be known as “Dutch Wives”.

The inventiveness of ” Dutch Sailors” has seen the sex toy doll industry grow over time into a private pleasure industry across the globe.

Men have forever been at the mercy of women when it comes to sex, often at high financial cost or no sex depending on the mood. Every man has experienced various forms of sexual displeasure with women, that does not mean women are not equally disappointed with men sexually, many women get frustrated with men whom don’t pay them enough attention in fact their are sex toy dolls for women.
Sex toy dolls come in many shapes and sizes, catering for both men and women.
Sex toy dolls for women come in varying degrees of penis sizes and widths for, indeed there is a growing industry for women’s sex toy dolls, however their is very little or no real time data to give credence to their success.
On the other hand their is an abundance of data relating to benefits of sex toy dolls for men with a growing legion of users.Men are by far the most susceptible users of sex toy dolls than women, there are many arguments for and against sex toy dolls.

Men argue the purchase of sex toy dolls are far more cheaper than dating real women, citing the cost of dating, often long term dating or dating many women over a period of time without any sexual benefit.There is a plethora of blogs giving credit to sex dolls and their benefits, sex dolls are increasingly being designed and built to perform a variety of sex acts, with realistic human emotions, in fact they can be programmed to guide your sexual pleasures.

In the long term sex dolls will replace the need for human sexual interaction, their life like features and ability to communicate through programming will see them in homes everywhere.

There are many benefits with the advent of sex dolls:-
(1) Sex crimes would decrease.
(2) Prenuptial agreements would be reduced.
(3) Divorce rates would decrease.
(4) Apprehended violence orders would decrease.

Judging by many of the blogs it is fair to say men will be by far the biggest users of sex toy dolls and here are some of the arguments put forward by men: –

(1) You can have sex anytime
(2) They never get headaches
(3) They never complain of a sore jaw.
(4) You can perform any sex act with them.

So to all you men and women out there whom are considering buying a sex toy doll, just click on anyone of the pics and you will get further information about the dolls and their cost.

For those men and women whom already have sex toy dolls, I would like to hear your stories and the benefits you have derived from having a sex toy doll.


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