Beat The Tax Grab

by smarktFebruary 21, 20170 comments

The Australian Federal Government has recently drafted legislation to tax on all imported good, this includes goods less than $1,000.00, although this needs to go through parliamentary processes, there is no doubt it will be passed into legislation, however it will be some time before it becomes law.

With the advent of the above legislation looming, it is a good time for all Australians to take advantage of the current tax free threshold an buy up goods under $1000.00 from overseas suppliers and stock up, One proven and tried means by which to take advantage of the current tax free threshold is to hold a shopping party with a group of like minded friends and collectively make purchases.

Perhaps, you like to keep yourself fashionably styled, but don’t have the available funds to spend on your own, the answer is to have a girls/boys night in, the theme being to pool funds for an online shopping fest, not only will you have lots of fun, you will also gain fashionable items at low cost.

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